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Galvanized Tin Utensil Caddy – Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen farmhouse organization
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This shabby chic galvanized tin caddy has 4 tin containers and a wooden carry handle. The 4 tin boxes are each 4x4in making them the perfect size for sorting small items such as silverware, stationery, art supplies, makeup, utensils, etc.

Designed with a vintage farmhouse look, this Kenley caddy is strong and sturdy. The steel frame and wooden handles provide a tough structure which supports the 4 removable caddies. All the caddies have a card slot to label them. The whole caddy is about 9x9x5.5in.

Strong wooden handles make it easy for kids or adults to carry the Kenley tin caddy around. Use it to take spices and sauces out to the BBQ, let kids take their art supplies to the table themselves or plant it with herbs and move them back and forth from a sunny windowsill to the desk.

farmhouse kitchen farmhouse organization

Sturdy and well designed, the Kenley tin cup set is made from galvanized steel. It won’t rust or decay so you get creative with confidence. For example, you could fill it with herbs and hang it in a sunny kitchen corner, fill it with homework supplies for the kids or make a luxury drinks pod with your favorite coffee, teas, and hot chocolate ingredients.

It fits in with almost any décor, so if your life changes just pick it up and move on: swap out, teas for makeup, art supplies for power cables, spices for screwdrivers and tools: whatever you need to stash, the Kenley tin caddy keeps it on hand and easily portable. Browse it here.

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