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Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style Garment Racks

farmhouse decor garment rack
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These shabby chic, and cute farmhouse style garment racks are the perfect décor item for your farmhouse closet, laundry room, bedroom, or guest room.

If your farmhouse is a turn-of-the-century build, then you likely have a noticeable lack of closet space. Wardrobes, clothing racks, and chest of drawers will need to be strategically used throughout your home to accommodate today’s clothing storage needs.

Here are a few of our recent favorite farmhouse style garment rack finds:

This A-shape rack gives a more contemporary farmhouse look. It has simple lines that will blend easily with any style of farmhouse decor. The black powder coating easily matches many different styles and protects the piece from water and rust. Find it here.

farmhouse style clothes rack

farmhouse decor garment rack

Clothing racks can be a beautiful way to hang your clothing while creating some much-needed storage space. Gorgeous design meets practical function in this Vintage Style Shabby Chic Clothes Rack. This rack comes in four colors: white, grey, bronze, and black. Find it here.

This little clothing rack comfortably holds coats and garments of nearly any length and yet it would fit in a low ceiling space or even inside a wardrobe to use as a storage organizer.

farmhouse shabby chic clothes rack

LANGRIA’s free-standing clothes rack is a contemporary farmhouse and compact garment rack to hang and organize your clothes and accessories in rooms with reduced space. The closet is made of sturdy iron material and has an elegant and easy to combine black color so that it goes well in any place and with any decor style. Find it here.

farmhouse contemporary clothes rack

This LANGRIA clothes garment rack is perfect for the smaller farmhouse or rooms with little space. The rack is compact yet wide, which makes it very stable and unlikely to wobble. It is made of iron and features 1 hanging rod for the clothes, 4 removable hooks, and two wire shelves in the shape of baskets (one on the top, for storage boxes or bags, and the other at the bottom, ideal for shoes).

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